Privacy Policy

Parallel Space Lite 64 Support respects and protects the privacy of individuals from all official websites and user communities that are related to Parallel Space Lite 64 Support. The Parallel Space Lite 64 Support Privacy Policy (hereinafter "Privacy Policy") provides: without having previously obtained your consent, we won’t intend to disclose the contents involved any of your privacy to any third party, except as otherwise specified in this policy.
1. What information will we collect?

a. We won’t collect personal information. Personal information includes your location information, name, address, email, telephone, fax, the information you store on your device, and the information to identify you or someone else when you use applications, services or Web sites.

b. Non-personal information. When users interact with our applications, we may collect non-personally identifiable information associated with the user. Non-personally identifiable information will include your phone model, Android version, and other similar information.

    (1) Session and available data. "Session and available data," is that you provide to us when you use an application, service or Web site, including, but not limited to, your connections and services through the use of our applications, services and Web sites, generating related data. Session and available data including and connection request, the server communication, data sharing relevant information, including network testing, quality of service, date, time, place position. Collection of information as described below, we may also gather sessions and available data. Please note that the sessions and the available data do not include any personal information, nor does it include you might by using the application (such as photos, contacts, schedules, etc.), services, or web site to send or share.

    (2) The landing data. When you interact with us, or use applications, services or our website, our system may automatically collect your unique user device ID, IP address, you are using a browser or operating system type, and date and you use time ("Log Data").

    (3) Summary information. "Aggregate information" is gathered a group or class of service or user data, wherein the user's personal identifying information has been removed. In other words, how you use the application, information services and sites may be collected and combined with others how to use the information applications, services and web sites, but personally identifiable information will not be included in the final summary information inside. Summary information to help us understand user demand trends, so that we better consider new features, or tailor-made applications, services, and websites.
2. How we use information collected?

a. Personal Information ---- because we do not collect personal information, so we will not use your personal information in any way.

b. Non-Personal Information. We may use non-personal information for the following purposes:

    (1) For personalized user experience --- we may use your non-personal information to understand user features, and other trends related to user habits.

    (2) To help improve our service --- we may use non-personal information to provide, maintain, enhance and improve the applications, services and Web sites, and the development of new services.

    (3) For the further development of Parallel Space Lite 64 Support --- we might to promote and develop the market for the purpose of using non-personal information.
3. The possibility of three personal information is disclosed.

a. Personal Information. We do not store personal information, so we will not disclose your personal information.

b. Non-personal information. We do not put non-personal information and personal information in association (such as your name and your user-specific device number).
4. Users to share information with you

We can not control your behavior of sharing your data with other users. We can not and will not control the behaviors of other users that that you share with while you are using an application, service, or website (including forum), or how those users share the information. For a third party to circumvent our security measures, our behavior is irresponsible.
5. Security

To maintain the confidentiality of your information, Parallel Space Lite 64 Support is very concerned about. We do not collect personal information, and we have adopted effective measures to protect your non-personal information, so that this information can not be accessed and used without authorization. Please note that although security measures to protect your information we take very perfect, but not absolutely guarantee that you can avoid non-personal information from unauthorized access and use of the situation is.
6. Contact us / Report violation

If you have anything to do with this policy or our privacy system related questions or comments, or if you need to report any violations of policy or abuse the application, service, or website, please contact us:
7. Change of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right at any time by our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise change the right policy, if you do not agree to modify this privacy policy, you can immediately stop the use of all applications, services and websites. Please note that our employees or agents have no right to change any of our policies.