Privacy Policy of Parallel Space Lite

Parallel Space Lite respects and protects the privacy of individuals from all official websites and user communities that are related to Parallel Space Lite. As stipulated in this Parallel Space Lite Privacy Policy (hereinafter, this "Privacy Policy"): we do not intentionally access your information or disclose it to any third party (unless otherwise stipulated herein) without your prior consent.
1. Information We Access and Collect

1.1 We Do Not Collect Personally Identifiable Information. Personally Identifiable Information includes your name, address, email, telephone number, fax number, information you stored on your device, and information that can be used to identify you or other individuals when you use third-party applications, services or websites.

1.2 Non-Personally Identifiable Information. When you interact with our application, we may collect non-personally identifiable information, such as your device model and the Android version you use. A detailed list of the information we access and collect is as follows:

    (1) Session and Available Data. "Session and Available Data"refers to the data and information relevant to connections and services that you provide to us when you use third-party applications, services or websites through our applications and services. Session and Available Data may include information related to connection request, server communication, and data sharing (such as network testing, quality of service, date, time, and place/location). Please note that Session and Available Data does not include any Personally Identifiable Information, nor does it include any content (photo, contact, calendar, etc.) that you send or share through third-party applications, services, or websites.

    (2) Login Data. When you interact with us, or use our applications, services or website, our system may automatically collect your unique device serial number, IP address, the browser or operating system you use, and the date and time of your visit (i.e. "Login Data").

    (3) Summary Information. "Summary Information" refers to the data that we collected from a group or service types or users, from which all personally identifiable information has been removed. This means the information about how you use third-party applications, services and websites through our applications may be collected and analyzed together with the usage information of other individuals, but personally identifiable information will not be included in the end Summary Information. Summary Information helps us understand user demand trends, develop better new features and provide tailor-made applications, services, and websites.

1.3 Special Note about Sensitive Information. In order for you to use third-party applications, services, and websites through our applications and services normally, we must access your microphone, camera, or location, with your permission, as described below:

    (1) Microphone. We access the microphone on your device (with your permission) to ensure normal usage of third-party applications, services, and websites that may require microphone permission to function normally.

    (2) Camera. We access the camera on your device (with your permission) to ensure normal usage of third-party applications, services, and websites that may require camera permission to function normally.

    (3) Location. We access and collect your location information (with your permission) to ensure normal usage of third-party applications, services, and websites that may require location information to function normally, and for R&D purposes as described in this Privacy Policy.
2. How We Use Collected Information

2.1 Personally Identifiable Information – Since we do not collect Personally Identifiable Information, we will not use your Personally Identifiable Information in any way.

2.2 Non-Personally Identifiable Information. We may use Non-Personally Identifiable Information for the following purposes:

    (1) To Provide Personalized User Experience. We may use your Non-Personally Identifiable Information to understand user characteristics, and other trends related to user habits;

    (2) To Help Improve Our Service. We may use Non-Personally Identifiable Information to provide, maintain, enhance and improve our applications, services, and websites, as well as to research and develop new services.

    (3) To Facilitate Further Development of Parallel Space Lite. We might use Non-Personally Identifiable Information for R&D purposes.
3. Information Disclosure and Sharing

3.1 Information Disclosure.Your information is disclosed in the following ways:

    (1) Personally Identifiable Information. We do not store Personally Identifiable Information, so your Personally Identifiable Information cannot be disclosed by us.

    (2) Non-Personally Identifiable Information. We will not match non-Personally Identifiable Information and Personally Identifiable Information (such as numbering your name or your user-specific device).

3.2 Information Sharing. Your information is shared with others in the following ways:

    (1) Sharing among other users

    We cannot and will not control the behaviors of other users that you share information with when you use third-party applications, services or websites (including online forum) through our applications and services, or how such users may use or share such information. We will not be responsible for any behavior or conduct of any third party circumventing our security measures.

    (2) Sharing with our third-party partners. By using Parallel Space Lite, you agree to the third party use, sharing, and transfer of your Personally Identifiable Information (both inside and outside of your jurisdiction) as prescribed in this Privacy Policy.

    ◎ Measurement partners.

       We may share information about you in anonymous and/or aggregated form with third parties for usage analytics (to help us better understand who is using our services and how), and for industry analysis, research, and other similar purposes.

    ◎ Partners offering services in Parallel Space Lite

       Your information may be accessed and used by our service providers who are working with us in connection with the operation of our services. These service providers may have access to your information but only to the extent necessary to perform services on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose that information or use it for any other purposes. These providers will collect the information sent by your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, and their use of that information is governed by their applicable privacy policy.

    ◎ Law enforcement

       We may share information about you if we are (or if we believe we are) required by law or legal process (such as a subpoena, warrant or court order), if we have to respond to a lawful request from legal authorities to disclose such information, or if we need to enforce or apply this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service or our other policies.

    ◎ New owner

       If we are acquired by a third party or may re-organise our group structure, your information may be transferred within our group and/or to a third party who will continue to operate Parallel Space Lite or similar services under either this Privacy Policy or a different privacy policy which will be notified to you. The party to which your Personally Identifiable Information is transferred may be located, and use your Information, outside of your jurisdiction.
4. Security

Parallel Space Lite strives to keep confidential of your information. We do not collect Personally Identifiable Information, and we have adopted effective measures to protect your Non-Personally Identifiable Information, so that such information will not be accessed and used without authorization. Please note that although we have taken sufficient security measures to protect your information, there is no absolute guarantee that we can prevent your Non-Personally Identifiable Information from being accessed or used without authorization.
5. Contact Us /Report Violation

If you have any questions or suggestions with respect to this Privacy Policy or our privacy system, or if you want to report any violations against this Privacy Policy or abuse of our applications, services or websites, please contact us at:
6. Amendment of This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to handle, amend, modify or otherwise change this Privacy Policy at any time and at our sole discretion, and if you do not agree to any amendment or modification of this Privacy Policy, you may stop using all of relevant applications, services and websites. Please note that our employees or agents have no right to change any of our policies.