Frequently Asked Questions

01.How do I open the second account of an app?
a)Touch the + on the homepage and select the app you want to login with another account
b)Open the app in Parallel Space and login with the other account
02.Can Parallel Space support multiple accounts, such as a third WhatsApp account?
Nope.We don’t support multiple accounts to be online at the same time at present.
03.Why does Parallel Space consume so much battery sometimes?
The Google Play service framework will be running in the background for the first time you add the Google account and this can lead to a temporary battery draining problem. This drainage won’t reappear after that, but if there are any other events leading to battery draining please contact us.
04.Why does Parallel Space apply for so many permissions?
Parallel Space needs to applies for the basic permissions to keep the apps added in Parallel Space functioning well.
05.Will subsidiary accounts affect the functions of the main accounts?
Absolutely not, the subsidiary account is running in a separate environment.
06.Why do the apps added to Parallel Space crash or are unable to open sometimes?
We are continually working to fix the unexpected incompatibilities between apps and Parallel Space. Please provide us with any feedback if you are experiencing these issues and we’ll fix them as soon as possible.
07.Does Parallel Space reinstall an app?
Nope, we run and store the app in a virtualization engine.
08.How can I delete the app added in Parallel Space?
Long press the app you’d like to delete and then drag it the the deleting area at the bottom. Please note that the usage data in the app will be lost and can’t be retrieved after being deleted.
09.Why are the apps in Parallel Space occasionally unable to connect to the Internet or receive messages?
First, make sure that your Internet connection is strong and then check your settings to make sure you’ve given permission for Parallel Space to access the connection.